JLR Star

A private investment company, founded by two London-based financial services entrepreneurs.

Investment Criteria

Investment stage: Seed or early-stage (pre-A or A rounds may be considered)
Size of investment: Generally £50,000-£250,000
Maximum stake: Generally no more than 20% of equity
Nature of investment: Passive/financial (not strategic)
EIS (UK) eligibility is not required
Board: Non-Executive Directorship or Board Observer status required
Return expectations: TBD/flexible.

Investee Criteria

Sectors: Agnostic
Location: Agnostic, but regular interface with Management in London required
Business stage: Pre-revenue may be considered
Founders: Full-time founders/management teams are expected to be in place
Alignment: Founders are expected to have invested/to invest own funds into the business

Securities Issuance, Processing and Administration/Investor Relations

Due to the nature of the successful financial services business underpinning the cash flow of JLR Star, it is especially interested in opportunities to invest in relevant niches. These can include technology-enabled or service companies active in:

• Securities issuance, processing and administration
• Related data and analytics
• Related payment models
• Corporate or institutional investor relations
• Strategic communications and reputational risk management.

JLR Star Limited
Tankerton Works
12 Argyle Walk
London WC1H 8HA


+44 (0) 7816 766 089

Next Steps
Please feel free to reach out below. A business plan or an investment presentation will be required for an initial assessment.